A Grateful Yet Sad Reflection Pt 2

So by 14 I was fully struggling with a heroin addiction along with my friends. We spent every moment we could finding ways to get it and school fell to the side. We managed to get good enough grades that at this point made it seem like we were trying. This lasted a lot longerContinue reading “A Grateful Yet Sad Reflection Pt 2”

Over the Years

As I approach another year alive, I wonder… I contemplate the last 32 years. While I don’t remember much of early childhood, I remember feeling different, lonely, scared that what I experienced would scare others away. Hearing voices didn’t help, and as soon as I realized the voices weren’t real (I was 6 years old)Continue reading “Over the Years”

Change is here, change is coming

Change is hard. Big changes are harder, but even the smaller changes make a difference for better or worse. Like my kids switching from homeschool to a brick and mortar school. Instead of me teaching them and working, I take them to school and get an awesome 7 hour break which works well with myContinue reading “Change is here, change is coming”

Insomnia? Or just stress?

So I begin an intensive outpatient program in a few weeks. It is exposure therapy, so in a sense they, at least eventually recreate a moment or situation to train your brain to not get super fuckin anxious around other people and crowds. Or you can work on your trauma. I am told it’s aContinue reading “Insomnia? Or just stress?”