What a ride it has been

So my life has been chaotically happy since I started hormone replacement therapy 6 months ago. Gaining a new wardrobe has been a slow and steady process. Finding my style has been even harder! But so much fun! Affording the hormones and testosterone blockers has been quite another challenge, the my partner and I doContinue reading “What a ride it has been”

Just some thoughts about Sexuality

I’m sitting here at 5 am, unable to sleep, just wondering if I’m… I don’t know… okay? I am, by most opinions gay. The one woman I seem to get on with is my wife, and believe me, I’ve tried with other women and failed miserably. Thinking through most of my life that I wasContinue reading “Just some thoughts about Sexuality”

Confused in a few ways

I used to love writing. It got me through some absolute nightmarish experiences. Now as I sit here at 2 am, I am troubled. I can not write. I can not think. I’ve trained myself so well to forget, that I have forgotten passion itself. On my best days I get excited about something forContinue reading “Confused in a few ways”