What a ride it has been

So my life has been chaotically happy since I started hormone replacement therapy 6 months ago. Gaining a new wardrobe has been a slow and steady process. Finding my style has been even harder! But so much fun! Affording the hormones and testosterone blockers has been quite another challenge, the my partner and I doContinue reading “What a ride it has been”

A stress I’ll never get over

Something happened last night that has had me on a high of stress ever since. Even after it was resolved. My wife calls me at 11pm while I’m at work. She is worried about our daughter who is throwing up and itchy and just not right. My mind instantly spins and I’m absolutely worried. NowContinue reading “A stress I’ll never get over”

A Grateful Yet Sad Reflection Pt 1

So if I haven’t mentioned before, I spent the years between 13 and 20 as a heroin addict. This is about that journey, the friends I have lost, and maybe where I’m at now at the age of 32. We’ll see. I feel the need to mention I have severe PTSD from the events ofContinue reading “A Grateful Yet Sad Reflection Pt 1”

Over the Years

As I approach another year alive, I wonder… I contemplate the last 32 years. While I don’t remember much of early childhood, I remember feeling different, lonely, scared that what I experienced would scare others away. Hearing voices didn’t help, and as soon as I realized the voices weren’t real (I was 6 years old)Continue reading “Over the Years”