What a ride it has been

So my life has been chaotically happy since I started hormone replacement therapy 6 months ago. Gaining a new wardrobe has been a slow and steady process. Finding my style has been even harder! But so much fun! Affording the hormones and testosterone blockers has been quite another challenge, the my partner and I doContinue reading “What a ride it has been”

A Grateful Yet Sad Reflection Pt 1

So if I haven’t mentioned before, I spent the years between 13 and 20 as a heroin addict. This is about that journey, the friends I have lost, and maybe where I’m at now at the age of 32. We’ll see. I feel the need to mention I have severe PTSD from the events ofContinue reading “A Grateful Yet Sad Reflection Pt 1”

All I can do to feel okay

So in the past few weeks since I started hormone replacement therapy I’ve noticed a few differences, a couple of them brought to my attention by my beautiful wife. A friend of hers asks how she is doing, and, knowing about my transition asks how I am doing. My wife replies with…”she is happier, sheContinue reading “All I can do to feel okay”